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I began the idea of boxes from a simple question: can I break paintings free from their frames? In the initial years, my focus was on the basics like shapes, lines, and frames. I experimented with wood surfaces as well. I applied some found objects sticking out of the panel (A fish (2016)). I made my own wooden surfaces (Two Shapes (2016), Borders (2019) and Crate (2021)). At one point, I divided my paintings into individual squares and I enjoyed the look of it.

I found myself that I treated each square as an individual. My concern was always how to harmonize them together. It is so much like our life: the way we reside together. Each of us has different shape. And sometimes we do not look good together. There are absurd matches. But it is the way it is. I feel much more relieved when I see these absurdities than when I see a perfectly depicted painting.
I like to be subversive breaking the stereotype of one idea and one painting on one canvas.

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