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Abstracted Journal

I consider my art making process as a way to make sense of the world around me. Most of the inspirations are from my surroundings. They could be serious or light-hearted. I found I cannot judge or understand everything happening around me. What I can do is only to focus on my feelings about them. So I would rather translate objects or figures to my own visual language rather than articulate them precisely.

I start painting without planning the whole. Then I compose each elements following my mood at the moment. This process causes layering. My abstraction reflects my attitude. The deep frustration rooted from racism and sexism summons the incoherent vibes in my art. I try to regulate my anxiety and turn it into a matter of triviality. Some negative feelings become nonchalant in my paintings. It can be a passive-aggressive way of representation. However, not all the elements in my paintings are cynical. Many of them are just about my mundane details which cause me joy and comfort. That is how I see the world: the absurdity—the good and bad mixed up.

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